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Lucky Voice

Yesterday I packed my vocal chords, along with my rock and roll attitude and headed to meet my date at the Lucky Voice on Upper Street in Islington...





Now, everyone's mother thinks their child is the best at everything and my mother was no exception; I always thought I had the voice of angel. Put a blonde curly wig on me and a cowboy hat and I literally thought I would be able to rival Beyonce. Little did I know, singing is a lot harder than I thought it was in the shower!

You walk through a pretty swanky bar to your private booth. In there you have a screen, a digital screen selection thing, a box of hats and wigs and two extremely rocking microphones. There’s even a wee button to press that says thirsty and a dude pops his head around the door and gets you any cocktail, beer, wine or snack that you want. It’s incredible. It’s basically posh karaoke.

Lucky Voice         Lucky Voice         Lucky Voice Bar

I thought karaoke was for fat people on holiday, but the bar is slick. There were hot chicks in heels drinking cocktails. I think Sarah Jessica Parker would even be seen here and if you didn't like the person you'd turned up with, there were plenty of other options! But assuming you're quite happy to be with your date, you literally don't have to leave the room. You are shut in a padded room with alcohol and music. It's hard to keep your hands off each other. And it also breaks the ice as you have to throw on a hat and sing. That's what you're there for. So knock back a few and get involved. It's a great place for flirting. A great place for showing off if you are the next Jessie J and a great place to hide away and flutter your eyelashes.

It's also super easy to book. You can do it over the phone or online. It's easy peasy. There are loads of locations and it's something a bit different from a restaurant. You can wear trainers, you can have a cider and you scream your head off. I would definitely go on another date with a dude that took me here. It's not for the faint hearted though. You have to be willing to perform and perform I did. Taking my dates heart with me... I left with no voice, some glitter from my cowboy hat and a fuzzy head from so much shouting and wine. It was utterly brilliant. I am convinced I am Adele and I am convinced that you will like it, whether you are a karaoke fan or not. It’s brilliant.

Click here for the "Lucky Voice Date" with all the details of where to go before, and how to book etc.


Thanks to Em Bell, the weirdest woman we know, for reviewing Lucky Voice for us. You can read more about Em’s weird and wonderful life on her website….


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